VPOCUS Webinar

Instructor: Soren Boysen DVM DAVECC and Serge Chalhoub DVM DACVIM (SAIM)  CE Credits: 6

Pre-Recorded Webinar

Join us for this 2 module webinar on VPOCUS – a protocol that you can use in your practice everyday to answer key questions in your post surgery, post trauma, critically ill patients.

A key approach to learning and expanding the role of ultrasound is to get comfortable asking yes/no binary questions, such as but not limited to; does the patient have a pneumothorax? Does the patient have pleural effusion? Does the patient have interstitial alveolar pathology? Can the patient be administered a fluid bolus? It the cause of this patient’s respiratory distress likely cardiogenic in origin? Is pericardial effusion the cause of this patients shock? With this approach clinicians can master aspects of point of care ultrasound at their own pace.

Participants of this online CE will learn ways to use ultrasound for patient assessment and monitoring in a wide range of clinical scenarios.

Registration to this CE course includes 3 months access.