Basic Echocardiography with June Boon - Pre-recorded Webinar

Instructor: June Boon      CE Credits: 6

This online course will offer an introduction to echocardiography, identifying structure and assessment in 2D imaging planes, M-mode imaging and assessment, a discussion of the echocardiographic features of common acquired disease and case studies.

Once all your modules have been completed test your knowledge with a quiz to receive your CE certificate. 

2 modules, approximately 3 hours each. 

Registration to this CE course includes 3 months access.


About June Boon

Ms. Boon helped start the ultrasound programs at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital in 1979. In 1980 she focused her interests on cardiac ultrasound and proceeded to publish normal echocardiographic reference ranges in dogs and cats. She received her graduate degree in Clinical Sciences at Colorado State University in 1984. She published the first and only reference book devoted to veterinary echocardiography in 1998. Veterinarians worldwide come to Colorado State University to receive training in echocardiography from the faculty, residents and staff in the Cardiology Department.