Buy 3 boxes and get 1 free.

For the Element i+ Pack Size: 12 per box. Refrigeration NOT required.

Software v 2.0.4 is required to run Nu.Q®

Nu.Q®️ on the Element i+ is the industry's only in-house canine cancer blood test, offered exclusively by Antech.

Nu.Q®️ uses breakthrough technology to assess the risk for some of the most prevalent types of canine cancers*, especially lymphoma and hemangiosarcoma.

Only requires 50μL of EDTA plasma from a patient with high (>70%)
detection rates for lymphoma and hemangiosarcoma — all at an affordable
cost for pet owners. Nu.Q® Mini Pipette 5oµL required.


*Nu.Q®️ is not a confirmatory test for cancer. Nu.Q®️ results should act as an impetus to perform additional diagnostics to obtain a diagnosis. Elevated plasma nucleosome concentration does not tell you which cancer is present, and further diagnostics will be needed. Certain inflammatory conditions may increase plasma nucleosome concentration and in these instances Nu.Q®️ cannot differentiate between cancer and an inflammatory response.


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