Evergraft Orthopedic Putty 2.5cc

EVERGRAFT Osteoinductive Injectable Bone Putty
An Everost Exclusive Bone Graft Product!

Excellent product for:
Orthopedic procedures where bone healing is required

Key Points for Everost Injectable Bone Putty:
• 100% Real Bone in a putty carrier. Only Everost brings the features of all natural bone graft in a convenient, easy-to-use injectable putty carrier.
• Osteoinductive Demineralized Bone Powder (aka. DBM)
• Has native bone morphogenic proteins (BMPs) to stimulate new bone growth.
• It is well documented that DBM contains a full complement of naturally present BMPs.4 These BMPs attract and activate patient stem cells to differentiate into bone-forming cells.
• Osteoconductive Cancellous Bone Chips – Natures’ perfect scaffold to support bone growth
• The architecture of cancellous bone (interconnected pores) facilitates migration of osteoblasts to form new bone and promote neo-osteogenesis. Fastest & most effective bone healing.
• Studies have shown that allograft bone (from a donor) is as effective as autograft (patient bone) in bone healing.123
• Injectable - easily expressed from the syringe into any void or defect site.
• Putty stays in the site even under vigorous irrigation. The DBM and cancellous chips are contained in situ.
• The putty carrier washes away in the first few days, creating space for vascular ingrowth and inward migration of cells responding to the osteoinductive influence of the DBM.
Room Temperature storage and 2 year shelf life
Advantages over competing products:

- Consil and Velosity are made of glass particles. The body can’t resorb glass.
- Everost Injectable Bone Putty forms real new bone where glass is encapsulated by the body and forces bone to try and grow around it.
- “Defects filled with mixtures containing 50% or 100% Corglaes® (bioactive glass) were less dense, contained less bone and more fibrous tissue than defects with allograft, autograft, or allograft idealized with Corglaes.” 5
- More than just filling a bone void, Everost Injectable Bone Putty can regenerate new bone.
Advantages over not using any bone graft:
- Using bone graft speeds healing.
It takes many months for the body to make new bone again in an osteotomy site without a bone graft.
Regarding TTA procedures… If no allograft is used, the TTA procedure relies solely on the hardware while the bone slowly heals. Best practice is to speed bone healing and fill osteotomy sites.
With no graft: “Osteotomy gap healing was considered complete (grade 4) in [only] 23 stifles (59%) at recheck. Mean follow up was 14.56 +/- 5.92 weeks.” 6 With Bone Allograft: “Final time to radiographic healing decreases to a mean of 9.4 weeks (range 4-20 weeks).7