Veterinary Orthopedic Implants in Canada

The market for veterinary orthopedic implants has witnessed exponential growth in recent years. There are a number of reasons for this – firstly, a rise in the level of pet ownership throughout Canada has meant that increasing numbers of animal lovers are taking injured cats, dogs and other domesticated animals to their veterinarians.

Secondly, an increase in investment in pet insurance means that people are now putting sufficient policies in place to protect their pets in the event of an accident or injury – which means more people now have affordable access to TPLO surgery and other large orthopedic procedures.

The most common procedures which require veterinary orthopedic implants are cruciate ligament repairs and traumas. Fractures are often seen in cats and dogs as a result of vehicular trauma, fights or injuries while running or playing.

While the market for human orthopedics has long been successful, the market for veterinary orthopedic implants is much younger. Therefore, there is a great deal of potential for new products that aid TPLO, TTA and Fracture repair surgery. Outside of the USA, Canada and Europe are currently the two largest markets for veterinary orthopedic implants.

Why buy veterinary orthopedic implants online?

While many veterinary clinics might feel comfortable sticking with their current suppliers for equipment used to perform orthopedic surgery, it’s a simple fact that ordering from a Canadian supplier online offers a number of advantages. offers a huge variety when compared to other suppliers of veterinary orthopedic implants, while still managing to remain competitively priced. Free delivery is available on all orthopedic orders over $500, which means that veterinarians can save even more when ordering in bulk.

In addition to the cost-effective nature of purchasing online, it’s also possible to get advice on the right orthopedics based on the sort of orthopedic surgery the vet is dealing with by calling our head office in Barrie, ON at 1-866-382-6937.  

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