Our Partners

Our partners are the international leaders in veterinary orthopedics and diagnostics.


ArmOR Hand Gloves

ArmOR Hand is a Fear Free Preferred Product. The gloves are also compatible with low-stress animal handling techniques. Fear Free handling as well as low-stress handling can not be achieved by bulky "welder" gloves, or gloves that do not have superior flexibility and dexterity. This is because we are not able to compassionately or safely restrain without the use of excessive force when using bulky gloves.


Mindray is dedicated to providing advanced medical devices and comprehensive solutions for animals. Heskavetshop.com carries accessories for Mindray Monitors.



B. Braun – Aesculap 
Heska Canada is a Partner of Aesculap Vet Division. Aesculap is widely known for their superior, high quality orthopedic products. Aesculap is a German based company that holds the highest reputation in the human and veterinary orthopedic surgical tool field. All our orders ship from Canada in Canadian Dollars. www.bbraun.com