A letter to our customers

Dear scil veterinarian partner,

While these are unprecedented and nervous times, today we announce that Heska has officially joined with scil animal care company GmbH. We have decided to join with scil in these uncertain times to support you, precisely because scil and Heska are stronger together. Together, we will invest in and expand scil’s world-class technologies and service, so that you can deliver the highest quality medicine to pets and their families now and when bright days return.                     

Heska and scil are bringing two strong families together with a shared culture of loyalty, smarts, innovation, excellence, and dedication to being the “good guys”. Many of us are veterinarians like you. We are committed to you, each other, our families, and our communities. Today, we are steadfastly retaining our employees, protecting our families, and standing ready to help you in your community. With few exceptions, scil will retain its distinct brand, leadership and local culture that has been built by veterinarians over decades. You will continue to receive support from the scil team you already know so well.  Please continue to communicate directly with them for all ordering, service or general questions. We will stick together. We are here to help.

We are currently doubling our addressable geography, logistics centers, and support teams to meet our responsibilities as the #1 or #2 point of care diagnostics veterinary company in key markets. Soon, we will offer you a whole new line-up of Heska services and innovations to benefit your patients and business. Over the past two years we have spent many millions of dollars developing these innovations and we look forward to providing them to you through your scil relationship, before others and at the best “family” prices.

As we navigate these next few months, we are focused on serving you with all of our new resources. Pets and their healthcare are essential to human wellbeing. What you do matters. Pets comfort those on quarantine or single dwellers that otherwise will not be touched. Pets brighten the day of the family at home, help the disabled, and reduce stress in a stressful time. We know these are essential things. Pet adoptions are skyrocketing. Keeping pet families together and healthy matters greatly to millions of us, even more so now. It is for this reason we will work to supply all veterinarians with tests, imaging diagnostics, and support. We will work with you to make sure you can remain open and provide veterinary healthcare to those in need, affordably, so no family is forced to make another difficult decision. This is your work and responsibility as a community leader, and we are committed to helping you in it. COVID-19 makes this responsibility all the more important for us all. We are honored to help you and we are thankful for what you do.



Kevin Wilson
CEO, President